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Stained or painted buckets are non-refundable.

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MBC-103S Whole Bucket - Stained

Stained - 11.75"D x 8.5"H

Price: $35.00

MBC-203S Half Bucket - Stained

Stained - 10" Half Pine Bucket

Price: $31.25

MBC-103 Whole Pine Bucket - Natural

Natural -10" Whole Pine Bucket

Price: $29.17

MBC-203 10" Half Pine Bucket - Natural

Natural - 10" Half Pine Bucket

Price: $25.42

MBC-M302 10" Half Bucket Liner

MBC-M302: 10" Half Bucket Liner

Price: $2.50

Decorative Pine Buckets

Avdm offers a choice of both half buckets and whole buckets. They come in Natural or stained with one of 17 color choices.

Half Decorative Pine Buckets

Our gorgeous half buckets are available in a 10 inch size perfect for wall hanging as well as many other uses. Liner usage enables planting of flowers or greenery  for interior or exterior attraction. If your preference is not to have a liner, the product can be used to store a variety of dry items including silk or felt flower arrangements.

Whole Decorative Pine Buckets

Our whole buckets add the perfect amount of charm to your indoor and outdoor décor. The 17 stain options allow your purchase to match any display or decor.  They are wonderful for gift basket creation as well as storing a broad variety of dry goods. 

Liners are available for all half buckets.