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Eyewear Displays

We do our best to keep shipping charges down. Unfortunately, many of our Acrylic products will incur an additional handling charge due the packaging needed to prevent damage during shipping. This results in the packages being rated under  the  shipping company's oversize policies rather than by actual weight. This may show up as a separate charge on your credit card. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Eyewear Displays


PPI-1495 Revolving Security Eyewear Displayer

12" w x 18" h x12 d

Price: $283.25

PPI-1494 Revolving Eyewear Displayer

10" w x 24" h x 10" d

Price: $133.25

PPI-1480 Countertop Display

7.75" w x 16" h

Price: $11.40

PPI-1493 Freestanding Displays

9" h Holds 3 pair

Price: $7.57

PPI-1492 Freestanding Displays

6" h Holds 2 pair

Price: $6.57

PPI-1491 Freestanding Displays

3" h Holds 1 pair

Price: $4.57